By Hussain Sajwani, Chairman, DAMAC Properties

Imagine yourself 20 years from now, waking up to the sound of the ocean waves and the island breeze with millions of dirhams in your bank account. All because of a decision you made while you were young, a decision to invest in real estate. This can be more than just a daydream; this can be your reality. Do something that your future self will thank you for. You’ll never be this young again so make the most out of it.

When you’re young, you have the time and the freedom to fail. You have the luxury of experimenting. You have the ability to experiment till you achieve exactly what your heart desires. It is easy to get caught up in the rush and pressures of life and the need to have everything figured out as soon as possible, but that is not what being young is about. Being young is about doing exactly what makes you happy and proud. When you’re older, you’re going to want to look back and think “I succeeded” and carved a path that not only enables financial security but propagates into more opportunities that can extend for one’s lifetime.

Regardless of how big or small your dreams are, the goal is to make your current and future self proud. There is no better time to become an entrepreneur than when you’re young, still full of energy, ambition and motivation. The real estate sector provides many opportunities for entrepreneurship. It allows you to accumulate experience, contacts, wealth, while simultaneously opening the doors to new possibilities. You will be capable of making astute business decisions that will give you an advantage over newcomers in the long term.

Becoming an entrepreneur is so much more than just creating a business; it is creating a new lifestyle. Not only that, but investing in real estate is investing in something that will never become outdated. Furthermore, real estate is a huge sector; it ranges from residential, to hotels, to commercial. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to properties because, after all, people’s tastes are in a broad spectrum,  and coupled with ever-changing market trends, never would there be a dull moment with continuous exposure to a variety of people, products and so on.

When you invest in a property, you have the freedom of making it your own. Moreover, Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities as it sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. People from all around the world flock to Dubai on a daily basis, with inwards and outwards movement making it a city that never runs out of energy and  where there’s always something going on in every corner.

Furthermore, compared to a lot of global cities, we enjoy a more stable and prosperous market, thanks to the founders and visionary leaders of our nation,  who continuously  lead the United Arab Emirates to even greater success and achievement day-by-day. Their pioneering spirit is instilled in each of us and it now has become relatively easy and inexpensive to invest in property in Dubai – a highly liquid market that is free from any taxation, giving you all the more reason to go ahead and make that decision. So, think of that success, work towards it and achieve it. Invest your way to a happy and successful future.